What is PATS?

PATS (Publisher Advertising Transaction System) is a non-profit industry initiative to make transactions between publishers and media agencies simpler and more efficient.

The system is a ‘technology bridge’ between agency and publisher systems, providing real-time information on all platforms to the parties in an advertising transaction.

It is compatible with agency systems such as Adazzle and Mediaocean Prisma, forming a shared point of reference across the transaction process.

PATS offers:

  • A single view of ad booking orders, via the PATS unique reference number (URN)
  • Single access point to book across publishers’ total print and digital audiences
  • An easier way to brief and book ads across multiple publishers
  • Two-way approval processes
  • A common platform for the industry’s future development needs

PATS is not a trading system and is designed to support existing relationships and contacts between publishers and agencies.

PATS will not replace conversations between publishers and agencies. But it will reduce the admin ones.


Why PATS is needed

Since the 1990s most other media have developed industry standards and systems for managing advertising transactions.

Commercial radio has the J-ET system and TV has CARIA: both developments have made trading in these sectors more efficient. The publishing industry needed its own transaction management system to compete effectively for advertising budgets. So we built PATS.

Developed as an integrated system for print and digital, PATS helps publishers and agencies manage the increasing complexity of transacting over multiple formats.

By reducing the burden involved in publisher ad booking, it frees up time to build more innovative campaigns that engage with publishers’ brands and audiences.

How the system works

Click on the diagram to enlarge this overview of the way PATS works.

Schematic showing how PATS connects to publisher and agency buying and selling platforms.

Please email info@pats.org.uk if would like us to send you a full technical overview of PATS.

PATS launch and 2015 rollout

Following a beta launch with the founder publishers and agencies, the intention is to roll out PATS more widely amongst magazine and regional publishers and media agencies.

Please click on the diagram for the rollout plan

Rollout 12.5.15


Q1    PATS system testing.

Q2    PATS beta launch and testing between founder publishers and agencies.

Q3  –  Rollout across founder publishers and agencies.

Q4  –  Continued rollout across agencies and onboarding of new publishers.

Please email info@pats.org.uk if you would like to discuss joining PATS either as a publisher or agency.